ELLA is committed to making connections in our community, building authentic relationships, and supporting each other’s endeavors. We are changing the Latina narrative by highlighting and celebrating our successes and creating opportunities for ourselves and each other through our two programs: Su Voz and Mujeres Mercado.

Su Voz focuses on overcoming barriers through shared experiences. By sharing our stories, we show our Latina sisters the paths we took to become what we are, giving them permission to take what they learn to forge their own paths. By sharing these experiences, we make it easier for the next generation to take their place at tables in the business world and the political community.

Mujeres Mercado provides a space for our Latina business leaders to showcase their businesses. It gives the community an opportunity to support up and coming entrepreneurs, while celebrating our culture and lifestyle. We put the Mercado on our way, with our energy, music, and culture.